Rawon Rice Soup

Rawon is Indonesian cuisine in the form of a black soup.
It is a mixture of typical ingredients containing kluwek.
Rawon, although known as a typically eastern Javanese cuisine, it is also eaten in by the people of Central Java.


  1. Prepare the Rice

    Rinse rice and cook with rice cooker or boiled in the stove

  2. Prepare the Rawon Meat

    • Heat water, after boiling add the beef that has been cut into pieces.
    • Add all the ingredients :
  3. Make the Rawon Seasoning

    • Blend all of the above ingredients, except the oil and Bango Kecap Manis ( Sweet Soy Sauce ). Set aside the blended ingredients.
    • Heat the oil and saute the blended spices until fragrant.
    • Add the  ( Sweet Soya Sauce ) Bango Kecap Manis at the end, turn off the heat.
  4. Condiments

    • Prepare all the ingredients as directed.
        • Shallots, peeled 2 pc
        • Garlic, peeled 2 pc
        • Large Red Chilli, uncored 6 pc
        • Oil 20 ml – Vegetable oil  
        • Pepper Powder, sliced 3 g
        • Kluwek, take the contents 5 pc
        • Ginger 20 g
        • Coriander, roasted 20 g
        • Blend all the spices
    • Optional

        • Salted egg, half 10 pc
        • Lime, split four 5 pc
        • Prawn crackers 10 pc
        • Sambal Terasi 50 g
        • chopped Bean Sprouts
  5. How to Make Rawon Rice

    • Mix the rawon spice with rawon broth.
    • Prepare the rice in a bowl.
    • Serve with condiments

Recipe by Unilever Indonesia.