Tasty White Stew Mix 160g


”White stew” is a dish of stewed meat and vegetables with white sauce, cream or soymilk. This is a block form stew mix made of wheat flours, spices, seasonings, oil and vegetable powder. Simply stir-fry meat and vegetables of your choice, add water and this mix in, stir as they dissolve, add milk and simmer. You can cook a tasty white stew very easily.
Enjoy with bread, noodles and it goes perfectly well with rice. You can use as a sauce for meat dishes, gratin or ingredient for potpie, as a dipping sauce for steamed vegetables. Additionaly, this product is dairy-free, which can be enjoyed by many of our customers. Tasty White Stew Mix contains no meat derived ingredients.

  1. Stir-fry the meat and vegetables well with oil. (Approx. 5 min. over medium heat)
  2. Add the water and once it comes to a boil, turn down to low heat. Put a lid on the pot leaving a small gap between the lid and pot and simmer until the ingredients become soft. (Approx. 20 min. over low heat after mixture comes to a boil)
  3. Turn off the heat, then break the S&B Tasty White Stew Mix into pieces, and stir until the pieces are completely melted. Add milk and simmer on low heat for approximately 5 minutes.
  4. Serve hot with rice or bread of your choice.
    Garnish with snap peas, as desired.

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