Pondan Nastar – Fruit Jam Cookie Mix 400g


Wheat flour
Full cream powder milk
Maizena Flour

How to make :

Beat margarine, butter and egg yolk for ± 2 minutes.
Then enter the Cake Noodle Flour Pondan, stir lightly until the dough evenly with soletan (do not stir firm).
Take the dough bit by bit, flatten then fill with pineapple jam. Form the dough into a round and then put on a pan that has been smeared margarine.
Repeat again until the dough is used up.
Bake at 1400C. After the cake is baked for 30 minutes (¾ cooked), polish the Nastar cake with egg yolks (shake off 2 egg yolks + 1 teaspoon of refined sugar).
Bake again until cooked for ± 15 minutes (produce 2 Nastar cake jars)
Pineapple jam :

Mix 500g of pineapple (already crushed with blender), 150g sugar, and a little salt into one. Cook until the water slightly dries, then reduce the heat while stirring frequently. Remove after the water is completely dry.

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